Make Money, Read and Earn On NewsPay

NewsPay Earnings Account Dashboard

Now is the time to make money, even more monthly to your Bank. We guarantee you to smile just by reading news on NewsPay.ng and still getting paid for it.

Earn With NewsPay Earning Bundle Program

Get register on NewsPay Earning Bundle Program. There’s no time for you to start waiting in getting to earn on NewsPay Earning Bundle Program – there are about 8 ways to earn on the system which we would be explaining subsequently.

NewsPay Affiliate Earning: You’ll earn ₦1,000 money when you refer your friends, family and coworkers to NEWSPAY EARNING PROGRAM. The more referrals you make, the more profits you earn as well. This earnings would automatically reflect in your AFFILIATE EARNINGS Account Balance.

Click here to register https://newspay.ng/reg/npbundle/?newspay=Dashmino to start referring your family and friends.

NewsPay Sponsor Post: Every member is assigned the SPONSOR POST and they automatically earn ₦100 on completing the TASK of the Sponsor Post which would be updated to every Member’s Payout Sheet. Finally comments on the SPONSOR POST which guarantees visit to our Advertisers Sponsored Post will then trigger your Earnings.

Register now!


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