Why NURTW Thugs Fight And Kill Each Other – Ettu Mohammed

A concerned Lagosian, Ettu Mohammed has identified the real cause of incessant fights and killings among members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Lagos.

Speaking on the recent trouble among the Union members at the Flag-Off of the Lagos All Progressive Congress (APC) gubernatorial campaign at the Skypower Playground, Ikeja that claimed a life and many injured, Ettu wrote;

“The only reason why Thugs would have the effrontery to start trouble in front of a sitting Governor is the ₦282.6 billion IGR Lagos State Transport Sector ceded out illegally. The Lagos Agberos money spinning kalokalo. You are wondering why Lagos Agbero can have 9 kids showing off in Atlanta Georgia, USA”.

“The Average illegal tax on Bike in Lagos is ₦600/day sampling 6 locations. The Average illegal tax on Keke Marwa in lagos is #1000/day sampling 6 locations”.

“Average Illegal tax on Yellow Bus and Molue is ₦3000 /day sampling 6 locations in Lagos. There is a minimum of 120,000 Bike in Lagos taxed illegally. There is minimum of 120,000 Keke Marwa in Lagos taxed illegally”.

“There is a minimum of 145,000 registered Danfo buses and molues when we join the unregistered we will be talking of over 250,000 taxed illegally. These Agberos are very efficient in this illegal tax collection that they rarely miss”.

“Okada ₦600*120,000 = ₦ 72,000,000 /day, Keke Marwa ₦1000* 120,000= ₦120,000,000 /day, Danfo+Molue ₦3000*250,000= ₦ 750,000,000/day”.

“Illegal tax at stake per day in Lagos is.
₦ 942 million /day. The Agberos in Lagos stand to cash out (₦72m + ₦120m + ₦ 750,000) * 300 days annually =₦ 282.6 billion annually. This is excluding public holidays and Sundays while some even collect tax on Sundays”.

“Pls note the number of Bikes, Keke and buses in Lagos surpasses the numbers I used in my analysis. This is 91 % of the IGR of Lagos in 2017 and some guys just screw the danfo drivers. That is why the drivers and conductors are mad in Lagos”.

“This is over 27% of the 2018 Lagos State budget. This cash is more than the capital spending on education in Lagos since 1999. This cash is more than the IGR of all the 35 states individually”.

“If Lagos State takes just 50% of this cash and leave 50% to the Agberos we will fix our roads in 15 years max. Over to the incoming Governor of Lagos”.

By: Ettu Mohammed

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