2019; Looking Inwards For New Year Resolutions.

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A friend of mine back in the college was a good singer and dancer. These are her innate talents and she passionately loved to express herself at any given opportunity. We met again on Broad Street in the City of Lagos few years after School and all she could request for was job vacancy. She was so desirous of doing something that we couldn’t discuss any other things.

But, Two Years later, I began to see her signatures on social media platforms. My friend is the CEO of an Events Management Outfit in Lagos. She anchors traditional weddings and other events for people of taste and class. Hers is not just ordinary anchoring, it’s with flavours and sapidity. The ‘swag’ she brought into her trade is her unique selling point. To the Glory of God, she has discovered herself. No more job hunting. No more 8am to 6pm. She’s now the boss. She has created job and employing labours.

Stories like that of my friend abound but, there are so many other talented and creative people out there who are yet to discover themselves. As we usher in the new Year 2019, l want us to look inwardly to making our resolutions for better livelihood. Often times, what we voyage to get in far away might be residing around us. Let us strive to discover that special trait in us and make good use of it. It might be the best for us after all!

Wish you compliments of the season and happy New Year 2019.


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