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Incredible! University Certificate Found At Suya Joint.

The above certificate belonging to one Abisoye Azeez Oluwaseun, a 2008 graduate of Chemical and Polyme Engineering, Lagos State University (LASU) suspected to have been lost was found recently with a Suya (local roasted meat) vendor at a Suya Spot in Iraye-Oke Community, Epe Local Government, Lagos State.

A good Samaritan, Kufo Akorede Olawale, a native of the community found the Certificate when the Suya Man was about to use it to wrap meat for his customer.

Touched by what the owner might have gone through since the loss of the Certificate, Kufo retrieved it from the Mallam (Suya Vendor), snapped and shared it on various Whatsapp groups and other social media platforms to possibly inform the owner or anyone who knows him about the discovery.

Kufo Akorede Olawale can be reached on 09072949972 or 09073342700.

6 thoughts on “Incredible! University Certificate Found At Suya Joint.”

  1. The owner rejected it because of the error in his surname, and since, he has collected the corrected one.
    Pls, let’s stop the further spread of this info to avoid confusion.
    Thank you so much for the concern.


    1. Thanks for the information. If this is correct then, the school management is responsible for the spread. The rejected one should have been destroyed or disposed properly.


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