Sawmill’s Complex Of Fashion Designers (1)

Creativity has no lineage. God endowed people with their individual creative intelligence regardless of religion, tribe, colour, language and, or educational background.

Situated at the heart of Sawmill Junction, Ifako Gbagada Area of Lagos is a Storey Building Complex that pride itself with the array of seasoned Fashion Designers who are making their marks in the ever growing world of Fashion (Clothes Making).

This writer was marvelled with the quality of stocks made by these extra ordinary, creative and talented individuals on a visit to the Complex and decided to reveal their brands and ingenuity to our teaming fashion conscious readers especially those who love to trend in casual native attires, aso-ebi, wedding gowns, ladies’ designers and trendy styles.

1. Adegbajumo Couture (08028308669)

Adeniran Elijah Fejoh (CEO)

This brand is owned by a seasoned and versatile multi talented designer, Adeniran Elijah Fejoh. With expertise and experience spanning over Two and Half Decades in the fashion business, the CEO combines the knowledge of embroidery designing with sewing both traditional and modern native wears.

He’s also gifted with the knowledge of good and quality materials for chosen styles, systemic cutting which is the heart of cloth making as well as colour combination that defines status and personality. His clients cut across corporate and social classes, delivering to them top notch styles with a touch of royalty.

CEO, Adegbajumo Couture with the Nollywood Star, Femi Branch.

2. RoyalCut Designs (08025020347)

Adeyemi Wasiu Adetayo (CEO)

Adeyemi Wasiu Adetayo is the CEO of RoyalCut Designs. He is a specialist in traditional and modern native/casual wears. He has been in this business for close to Three Decades and he’s still waxing strong in the trade. The calm calculated ‘Deyemi has continued to be relevant in the ever changing and involving clothing industry.

3. Kenny Fashions (08023917054)

Adefemi Kehinde Ademola (CEO)

This is the signature of Adefemi Kehinde Ademola. The CEO who is popularly called Sir Kenny by his numerous clients also specializes in modern trendy native wears for young and old men. The workaholic designer is also known for his good knowledge of creative designs.

To be continued…

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