REVEALED! 10 Reasons Why Damilola Akorede (Damiwealth) Is Leading In Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Business

Damilola Kareema Akorede (Damiwealth)

Multi Level Marketing (MLM) is today one of the many striving online businesses. Here in Nigeria, Wealthy Home Plus is a major player in this industry. But, of all her group leaders, Damilola Kareema Akorede through her group, ‘Team Damiwealth’ has succeeded in taking the lead in recruiting prospective investors into the Wealthy Home Plus online business empire. Investigations into her activities on various social media platforms has however revealed the secret behind her successes as highlighted by this writer.

1. Team Work – This is the heart of a multi level marketing business. The team work of members in Team Damiwealth is second to none. In fact, the only task expected of a member is the performance of a ‘Team Task’ of sharing and promoting group’s activities on social media platforms. Team Damiwealth does not belong to Damilola but to all members of the team. She’s just a first among equals being the Chief Administrative Officer. Hence, the working together of all other admins and individual members for a common goal to ensuring investors enjoy the benefits of their investments.

2. Openness – Team Damiwealth does not operate or indulge in secrecy. Every policy, business, promo and opportunity is discussed in the open. This makes it easy for a member to attend to other members’ issues/problems to the best of his/her knowledge and ability without having to wait for the Chief Admin.

3. Trustworthiness – Team Damiwealth has become the only tested and trusted team. The common slogan in the mouth of all members is ‘Team Damiwealth na talk and do’. This can be seen in various members’ testimonies about their individual achievement.

4. Wider Coverage – Even though the company headquarter is resident in Lagos, Team Damiwealth cuts across the 36 States of the federation and the federal capital territory, Abuja. Issues concerning members in States outside Lagos are been handled by their State Representatives. Team Damiwealth is simply ‘anywhere you go’.

5. No Preferential Treatment – No one is giving a priority or undue advantage over others in Team Damiwealth. As a matter of fact and policy, there is no discrimination or partiality of any form. Members are treated equally and registered on the basis of their number on the entrance list. The general task of promotion is being performed by all inclusive of Damilola the Chief Administrative Officer who also bubbles as the Chief Promoter of Team Damiwealth.

6. Quality Leadership – Team Damiwealth parades array of quality administrators, state representatives and other members who perform various leadership roles for the growth of the business. The overall boss, Damilola is the best thing to have happened to not only Wealthy Home Plus but to Multi Level Marketing business in Nigeria. Her reliability, trustworthiness, accountability, determination, poise and ability to manage multitudes has been able to restore the lost trust and glory of MLM. Damilola is simply a quintessential leader.

7. Set Target – It is often said that, ‘he who aims at the sky shoots higher than he who aims at the tree’. The ultimate Target of Team Damiwealth is for every investor to enjoy and benefit from all opportunities in Wealthy Home Plus, partake and win prizes/incentives in the company’s promos, reach the highest level of the networking business in no time and grab the grand prize (a brand new saloon car).

8. Encouragement – Despite the fact that every investor is a potential winner in Team Damiwealth, members are encouraged and appreciated even for their obligatory contributions to the growth of the business. This is the only team where you get paid for performing your expected team work.

9. One Love – In Team Damiwealth, one love keeps all members together. Happiness for one is happiness for all. This is so because it is never a winner takes all business. Everybody is a winner and as one is winning, another member too is winning according to his level or stage.

10. A Family Affair – It is evident in members relationships and manners they respond to individual achievements that this group is more of a family than being an ordinary business association. They rejoice, sympathize, empathize, celebrate, condole, advise and offer each other when the need arises. They have all bonded together to become a one big happy family.

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