Meet Damilola The Online Entrepreneur Who Is Breeding Millionaires Through Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

A graduate of Yaba College of Technology, Yaba Lagos, Akorede Damilola Kareema is using network marketing to making people have for themselves another means of livelihood especially those who desire to earn additional income.

According to the young online entrepreneur, “at this technological age of ours, if you’re not making money with your smart phone then, the smart phone is definitely smarter than you are”.

Damilola is encouraging people to desist from venturing into ponzi businesses where they loose their hard earned money with nothing to show for it. In lieu of that, she’s proffering a better alternative that is generally accepted the world over. This is Multi Level Marketing (MLM).

MLM is an online marketing platform where a one time payment of a fee qualifies you for cash prize and foodstuffs. Damilola is with the Wealthy Home Plus multi level marketing company situated at Ikotun Area of Lagos. She’s also with the Family Food Care (FFC). A one time payment of 1000 and 2500 naira with referrers will make you enjoy all the companies’ benefits. However, if recruiting and referring is your problem, please do not be discouraged. This is where Damilola comes in with her team ‘Damiwealth’.

With Team Damiwealth, payment of 5000 naira qualifies you for cash prize, foodstuffs and other incentives at Wealthy Home Plus and 11000 naira at Family Food Care (FFC) without the stress of searching for people. The collective efforts of Team Damiwealth through a simple task of team work and sharing of the good news on social media platforms will fill your bank account with money and your kitchen with foodstuffs and other incentives like mini laptop, tablet, home theater, 3D projector, a trip to Obudu cattle ranch with allowance, a brand new car worth 2 million and 12 million naira.

The current promo on Wealthy Home Plus with the payment of 40,000 (Private Jet) announced on September 4 and which kicked-off in September 10 tagged operation stage 4 in 4 months has started producing winners just like the normal one that has produced and still producing winners.

In the words of Damilola, “Wealthy Home Plus and Family Food Care (FFC) are real and Team Damiwealth is the deal. Visit my Facebook page, Oluwa Dami Lola and be part of the this lofty business or contact me on 09099253998 through direct call or Whatsapp”.

Below are few pictorial evidences of Team Damiwealth’s progress and achievements.

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